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The ULTIMATE Bridal Accessory Guide

You said yes to your dream dress, popped the champagne, and successfully started your journey to creating your full wedding look! Cheers to you, bridal babe!

But if the thought of bridal accessories makes you nervous and seems like an overwhelming process --don't worry. We have each category broken down for you to think about in this guide that will make you look (and feel!) like a bride on your big day.


When deciding on a veil, you first want to think about the length. Our favorites veil lengths at Ivory Rose are fingertip, waltz, and cathedral. Fingertip is the shortest veil length and reaches right around the edge of your fingertips. If you think fingertip will be too short, a waltz length veil is going to be a good floor-length option for you. This length of veil is perfect if you have a very detailed or intricate train on your dress and want to showcase it. For our brides that want to make a big statement, cathedral veils are the longest option for veil length. Cathedral goes past floor length and can extend to the edge of your train or beyond! This length of veil is all about drama and makes for stunning photographs.

After you decide on the length of the veil, we want to consider the details on the veil. Does it have pearls? Is the edging of beading going to help frame your face? Do you want lace?

Combining both of these elements of veil length and veil details will help you find your perfect veil!


If you want to add some sparkle or glam to your wedding look, we can play with jewelry options. Are you more of a gold or silver girl? Rose gold or mixed metals?

After deciding on a jewelry tone, you can think about wearing a necklace, earrings, or both. An important element to consider in this process is the neckline of your dress. With a sweetheart or v-neck you could have a slightly longer necklace that helps add to the dresses’ structure. With a strapless dress you might want to make more of a statement with dramatic earrings or a larger necklace.


Veils are a beautiful addition to your bridal look, but what happens when you want to take them off? That’s where a hairpiece can come in! For your transition from the ceremony to reception, or maybe just after your beautiful pictures, you can replace your veil with a detailed hairpiece that gives you a whole new look. Matching your hairpiece to your dress will help solidify some of those smaller details. For example, adding a pearl or crystal hairpiece can help draw out the beading from the straps of your wedding dress.

However, you don’t need to just have a hairpiece as the transitional piece after taking off your veil! You can easily pair a hairpiece and veil together to add more glam to your overall look.

All in all, these bridal accessories are here to compliment your dress and YOU! On your special day, all these details will showcase your glowing excitement (and ours too!).

Finding your bridal accessories is an exciting process, and your stylist at Ivory Rose loves helping you find those perfect pieces that will make your wedding vision come to life.

Ready to find your bridal accessories? Book your appointment today!


Ivory Rose Bridal Boutique is Appleton, Wisconsin’s bridal shop that takes celebrating seriously. We have made it our mission to bring our brides the best & latest wedding dresses, veils and other accessories from our favorite bridal designers. Every bit of what you experience with Ivory Rose has been intentionally curated to make you feel empowered & comfortable while saying Heck Yes! to your dream dress. Our passionate stylists support and uplift and are dedicated to creating your beautiful bridal experience.

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