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2024 Wedding Day Aesthetic Trends

Details matter. And, when curating the wedding you’ve always wanted, details matter a lot.

At Ivory Rose, we understand that it’s the little things that, put together, create a cohesive and tasteful wedding aesthetic.

But what is a wedding aesthetic? Aesthetics in the wedding world hinge on central colors, fonts, and design features, as well as how you want your wedding to feel: classic, flirty, romantic, fun, or something else entirely.

While there are endless visions a couple can have for their wedding, we’ve compiled four core wedding aesthetics we’re loving for 2024.

Garden Party

Grounded in the soft, natural tones of spring and summer, this wedding aesthetic is elegant yet relaxed. The garden party aesthetic rests in the tried and true of bridal: creamy lace, fluffy florals, and treasured family heirlooms. Together, the garden party aesthetic is a timeless vision, and pairs well with a couple of quiet, steadfast love.

Classic Old Money

An old money vision hinges on theme colors of black and white, usually with a seasonally dependent accent color. Common consistencies include film photography and minimalist style choices, with a design focus on texture rather than color. When combined, the old money aesthetic is classy and experience-focused, blending the seriousness of matrimony with the fun of being champagne-drunk on love.

Modern Whimsy

Bright, airy, and fresh, the modern whimsy aesthetic is unabashedly trendy. This vision is energetically new and spins tradition on its head with everything from neon signs and disco balls to styled wildflowers and parasols. Particularly, the modern whimsy bride breaks and creates her own rules to build a uniquely unforgettable wedding.

Natural Romantic

The natural romantic aesthetic is deep, artful, and natural, with an emphasis on wood-tones and warm yet dark hues. Light—particularly golden-toned light—plays a forefront role in this vision, resulting in an abundance of candles, string lights, and golden-hour photos. All of the natural romantic aesthetics' details meld into an charming, naturally grand, intentional gathering of friends and family.

Arriving at your dress appointment with an aesthetic in mind allows your stylist to best align with your bridal vision. As wedding fashion experts, we’re committed to understanding a bride’s specific vision for her wedding, and love finding a dream dress that plays a central role in solidifying the event’s aesthetic inspiration.

Looking for more aesthetic inspiration? Check out our Instagram for specific mood boards.

Ready to say HECK YES! to a dress that will bring your bridal vision to life? Book your bridal appointment right here on our website. We take celebrating you, your love, and your drop-dead-stunning wedding aesthetic seriously!

Ivory Rose Bridal Boutique is Appleton, Wisconsin’s bridal shop that takes celebrating seriously. We have made it our mission to bring our brides the best & latest wedding dresses, veils and other accessories from our favorite bridal designers. Every bit of what you experience with Ivory Rose has been intentionally curated to make you feel empowered & comfortable while saying Heck Yes! to your dream dress. Our passionate stylists support and uplift and are dedicated to creating your beautiful bridal experience.

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