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5 Things To Do After Your Engagement

Engagement Season is here!

We are in the midst of the holiday season!

A season when we get to enjoy the winter wonderland, cozy nights, and spend time with people we love.

If you are heading home for the holidays and have the sneaking suspicion that the love of your life is going to pop the question (!!!!!), we have 5 things you should do within a week of your engagement that you might not think of.

Getting engaged during the holidays can be overwhelming, exciting, and everything in between. So we made it easy for you, babe.

If you think you are getting engaged, just recently got engaged, or wishing that you were getting engaged… keep reading! Whenever you get asked that special question this holiday season, you will be prepped and ready to go!

5 things to do within a week after saying “YES!!”

  • Celebrate With Friends and Family

As mentioned before, the holiday season can be a lot. Take everything in!! This is such an exciting time! Celebrate, enjoy, and cherish this experience with your family. Since it is the holidays, it might be easier to coordinate seeing loved ones to announce your big news!

  • Let All Your People Know

Another point to keep in mind is to let older grandparents or older relatives know about your engagement. Consider asking your parents if there is anyone specific that you should reach out to.

Then, make that dream social media post! Facetime all your long-distance friends!

  • Consider Ring Insurance

Your fiancé could have already purchased this, and it’s good to double check. Having ring insurance isn’t a necessity, but it can alleviate stress or worry about the ring. Contact your jeweler for more information and have your ring resized if you need it.

  • Start to Gather Ideas

Now you can start thinking about the timeline of the wedding, what your tentative guest count might be, and a list of venues to tour. This is where the planning process begins, babe!

  • THE DRESS!!!😍

We have the fiancé, the ring, the date, and the venue….it’s time to get the dress! When looking at bridal boutiques, it’s good to do your research. You want to find a boutique that carries gowns that match your style and are in your price range. Book an appointment when you are ready to say yes! (And don’t wait too long, the engagement rush after the holidays is REAL.) You don’t want to miss out on your experience if you wait too long to book.

And that’s all 5!

Enjoy this time bridal babe! We are so excited for you and CAN’T WAIT for that ring!

Happy holidays and happy engagement season!


Ivory Rose🤍

Ivory Rose Bridal Boutique is Appleton, Wisconsin’s ONLY exclusively bridal store. We have made it our mission to bring our brides the best & latest wedding dresses, veils and other accessories from our favorite bridal designers. Every bit of what you experience with Ivory Rose has been intentionally curated to make you feel empowered & comfortable while saying Heck Yes! to your dream dress. Our passionate stylists support and uplift and are dedicated to creating your beautiful bridal experience. Book your bridal appointment today and let's find your dream wedding dress together!

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