Bridal Sizing 101

Updated: Oct 28

Let’s be blunt, bridal sizing is HORRIBLE!

Depending on the dress & the designer there can be a 2-3x size increase between your street size & your bridal size. But before you start to fret, we want to share insight around sizing inconsistencies & how you can shift your mindset.

Every designer uses a different size chart based on their dress patterns. Which means your Street Size & your Dress Size are not going to be the same. Wonderful…..exactly what every bride wants to hear while shopping for their big day right?! This isn’t designed to make you feel bad about yourself, but it certainly brings about insecurities & self-doubt.

We know it’s hard not to focus on the number on the tag, but let’s shift that mindset! It’s not about the Size, it’s about the Measurements. Size charts take into consideration three key measurements: your bust, waist & hips. We almost never see brides measure up perfectly against all three of these measurements. Why? Because every body is built differently. Our expert stylists will recommend a size closest to your natural measurements but you’ll still need some alterations to help get the perfect fit for your body.

So while you're shopping, instead of focusing on the size & how the store sample fits, focus on the details! What silhouettes & fabrics are you loving? What details or embellishment help capture the essence of who you are? What neckline makes you feel like a total babe? If you identify the details of what makes you feel your best, the tag size is irrelevant.

When you look good, you feel good, & you deserve to be a knock-out on your wedding day!