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How To: Bustle Your Wedding Dress

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Everything you need to know about your post ceremony look!

You've decided on your dream dress. This is one of the most significant decisions you'll make regarding the aesthetic of your big day. There's a good chance that you're already thinking about the veil, shoes, hairpiece, and jewelry that will complete your look. Still, there's one more major choice to make regarding your attire. Your bustle!

What even is a bustle? Bustles are added in post-production of your dress to lift your train off the floor for your reception. This is commonly done with eye hooks, buttons, or ties. Contrary to popular belief, bustles aren't just for exquisite ball gowns or mile-long trains. Almost every bridal gown will need some sort of bustle added in!

Keep in mind that your Ivory Rose bridal gown will not come with a bustle- this is because your bustle is 100% a personal choice! An experienced bridal seamstress will know how to best transform your gown and will be able to execute your vision. Below, you'll find some common bustles types!


A very common way to sweep your train up and out of the way is with the American bustle. The train is picked up and pinned over the skirt with this method, creating a cascading look. To add extra drama, you can add multiple "pickup points" to create a more intricate design and add stability for heavier or longer trains.


Don't let the name fool you! This option works well on almost every gown, not just elaborate, full ball gowns. For this style, there are several points attached underneath your dress to make it appear as if your dress never had a train at all. This is a great option to completely hide your train without altering the silhouette of your gown at all. Keep in mind that there may be too much material to truly accomplish this look for full fit and flare styles.


An excellent choice for fuller skirts, the Bow bustle is easy to envision as it adds a little bit of detail right at the waistline. The fabric is lifted over the rest of the dress and fastened at the waist to achieve this look. This bustle looks best with at least three points.


A near opposite of the American bustle, this look folds the train under itself to create a stunning, tiered look. Like the American bustle, you can add extra drama by adding in additional "pickup points."


A classic choice, the Royal bustle has become less popular in recent years. Still, it remains an excellent alternative for brides who want a lot of added drama to their post-ceremony look. Like the French bustle, this look entails multiple points down the train and across the width of the dress to add lots of dimensions.

There you have it! There's more than one way to bustle a dress, but with this handy guide, it'll be easy to decide which look is best for you. Our Ivory Rose stylists can also assist you with this decision at your bridal or dress pickup appointment. Happy shopping, girlfriend!


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