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The Sample Sale Guide

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Get a steal of a deal on the wedding dress of your dreams!

“Sample Sale” is a word you’ll hear every so often in the wedding world. Here at Ivory Rose, we’re prepping for our very own sample sale. If you’re wondering—”What the heck is a sample sale?”—you’re in the right place! Read on for our sample sale know-how:

Sample Sales sell dresses Off the Rack… but what does that mean?

When bridal stores have sample sales, they’re looking to sell their sample dresses. These are dresses that brides have come to try on to find “the one!” All of our sample sale dresses here at Ivory Rose are in great condition, but know that they have seen some love! The discounted price of a sample sale dress accounts for any small fixes that may need to be made to make the gown wedding day ready.

What happens at a Sample Sale appointment?

When buying a sample sale dress, a bride is looking for a dress within her size range. If you say “Yes!” to a sample sale dress, you get to take it home with you that day. No wait time, and no worries!

Dress shopping can be a whirlwind. Make sure you are prepared!

Before coming in to meet with your bridal stylist for your appointment, be sure to peruse our Sample Sale Look-book. Our Look-book includes all the gowns that will be part of the sale. Have screenshots of dresses you’re interested in readily available for your stylist to peek at. This way, stylists can have a visual of what you’re looking for, and you’re sure you’re coming in for something you like. No surprises, here!

In addition

Consider sending this blog post to the friends and family that will be joining you at your appointment. This way, everyone is in-the-know when the exciting day comes!

Sample sales are a great way for brides to have a gorgeous gown without breaking the bank. Looking to come in for our Sample Sale here at Ivory Rose? Book a Sample Sale appointment here.

See you soon, babe!

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