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How To: Find Your Dream Wedding Dress

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

There are so many gorgeous gown options out there but how are you going to KNOW when you’ve found ‘the one’? So many fabrics, necklines, silhouettes & details to choose from, where do you even begin? Dress shopping can be really exciting but feel daunting at the same time. But it doesn’t have to be! We’ve helped so many brides find their perfect dress. We’re sharing our favorite questions to ask yourself to help you find ‘the one!’

It’s a pretty dress, but is it YOUR dress?

We’ve said it before, there are TONS of gorgeous gown options out there (& you’re going to look stunning in them!) but it doesn’t mean it’s YOUR dress. When trying to decide if a dress could be the one, picture yourself walking down the aisle. Envision yourself on your special day, at your venue with your fiance surrounded by your loved ones. If it’s not giving you all the bridal feels, admire it one last time & move on.

How would you rate this dress on a scale of 1-10?

If you’re torn between a few dress options, it helps to rate them. This may sound overly simple but trust us when we say it’s effective! If one option is a 6 & the other is a 9, you can eliminate the 6 because you’ve already found one that’s better. If it is ranked a 9, think about what’s holding you back from making it a 10. If there is something seriously missing from the dress that can not be solved with adding accessories & minor alterations, that’s a sign to keep looking. If there’s nothing you would change about the dress & it’s the commitment of rating it a 10 that’s another story!

Are you comparing everything back to one dress?

If you keep coming back to one dress in mind during your appointment, that’s a wonderful indicator you’re on the right track! If you couldn’t say Yes! & just needed to sleep on it or wanted to see what else is out there. That’s okay too! If you’re trying on multiple dresses at various stores & keep comparing back to the original one…odds are you’ve found it & there isn’t going to be a dress that beats it.

Are you comparing your Yes! Reaction to someone else’s?

Your reaction & your bridesmaid’s reaction are not going to be the same! Don’t assume a dress isn’t the one because you didn’t have the same Yes! Reaction as someone else. Whether you cry, laugh, are in disbelief, or calmly celebrate, every bride will have her own special reaction to finding her dress. You’re an individual baby, embrace & celebrate it!

What’s your body language saying in this dress?

Get out of your head! It is so easy to get caught up in our own thoughts we ignore the other physical signs our body uses to express our feelings. May seem obvious right? But that’s not always the case. If you can’t stop smiling, are practically twirling, keep checking yourself out & won’t get out of a dress... That’s a very strong sign you’ve found the one.


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