5 Dress Shopping Tips

re you getting ready to say Yes to the Dress?

Here’s 5 things to do before your dream search begins.

  1. DESIGNATE A TIMELINE Set your wedding date & start shopping 9-12 months prior. This allows plenty of time for delivery, alterations & is less stressful for you!

  2. CREATE YOUR VISION Think big picture how you want your wedding day to look & feel. The details may change as you keep planning, but have an overall idea so when you try on dresses you can envision yourself on your wedding day.

  3. SET A BUDGET Discuss & plan your budget range ahead of time so you know what you’re comfortable spending. Make sure to factor in alterations & any other accessories you may need.

  4. RESEARCH BRIDAL STORES No two brides are the same & not all bridal stores are the same! Start by searching bridal boutique + location to get a list of the stores in your area. Look at their website & social media to see their price ranges, dresses they carry, & overall aesthetic.

  5. BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT When you find a boutique that fits your budget & vision, book an appointment with them. Don’t overschedule yourself! Too many stores can become overwhelming & stressful. Start with 1 or 2 boutiques & go from there.