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What does buying “off-the-rack” mean?

What does it really mean to buy an “off-the- rack” wedding dress? It means that the wedding dress you are trying on could be THE ACTUAL dress you take home and get married in!

Traditionally, bridal stores buy inventory samples to sell in their boutique. Brides come and try them on, find the special Heck Yes dress & using the bride’s measurements the bridal store will place a Special Order & order them a new dress. This ordering process takes 6-9 months depending on the designer. Once that new dress arrives, the bride will take it for alterations which can be about a 2-3 month process pending the alteration specialist. Meaning the entire start-to-finish Special Order process is 8-12 months long.

So how does ‘off-the-rack’ fit into this? It’s simple, off-the-rack eliminates steps in the ordering process & shortens the timeline. An off-the-rack dress means you are purchasing the exact sample dress you try on & will take home from the bridal store that same day. This is usually the bridal store’s inventory samples that were brand new gowns but have been tried on by customers. And because they’re like-new but might have minor wear & tear, brides end up getting discounts on off-the-rack options.

While we love ordering brand new dresses for our brides, there’s benefits to buying off-the-rack!

Here’s our 3 favorite reasons to buy a wedding dress off-the-rack:

1. Budget Friendly

While it’s not a brand-new gown it’s like-new, which means buying an off-the-rack bridal gown guarantees deals & discounts. You’ll be able to get a designer gown for a fraction of the original ticket price! And since you’re taking the dress home with you that day, you won’t have to pay rush or shipping fees. Who doesn’t want to save money?!

2. Instant Gratification

With off-the-rack bridal gowns you don’t have to worry about ordering or shipping timelines. If you’re eloping or having a short engagement- No problem! Off-the-rack gives you instant gratification because you take your dress home that same day. Seriously, no wait time! Time is back on your side & you’re in full control of your wedding planning process.

3. No Surprises

With an off-the-rack dress you know the exact condition, how it fits & if you need any changes. While the Special Order process lets you customize certain options & gets you close to your natural size. There’s still uncertainty on if you’ll like the custom change & what alterations are needed. With off-the-rack, what you see is what you get!

So whether you’re short on time or love the thrill of a discount, shopping off-the-rack could be for you! While we’ve got a great selection of Special Order wedding dresses our Bridal Outlet has your off-the-rack needs covered. Shop from the comfort of your home or give us a call (920) 939-2008. Bridal Outlet gowns won’t last long so get ready to say Heck Yes to an off-the-rack dress.


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