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5 Myths About Bridal Shopping

Updated: Jan 25

Learning what’s true—and what’s fake—when it comes to the wedding world will not only help you make better decisions, but can also lower the stress that sometimes accompanies dress shopping.

Floral lace wedding gown

Sometimes, bridal shopping seems shrouded (veiled, if you will!) in mystery. Uncertainty can make brides feel nervous about finding the perfect gown. Rest assured: we’re here at your side from the moment you walk into our boutique all the way until you walk down that aisle!

As industry professionals, we know the ins and outs of wedding shopping and believe that it's part of our job to clear the air when it comes to shopping for your wedding dress. To make our brides feel comfortable and confident, we think it’s important to debunk the myths swirling the wedding world.

Myth #1 - Everyone has to be there

Here at Ivory Rose, we suggest bringing your core group to help you find your dress. When it comes to choosing an entourage, less is often more! Bring the people who are going to support your vision and make you feel comfortable and beautiful. If everyone from that list isn’t able to make it to your appointment, consider making a group chat to send pictures to in real time, or FaceTime a friend or family member who can’t come in person.

Myth #2 - You need a white wedding gown

Wedding dresses come in all colors! In fact, in most bridal stores, what you think of as a traditional bridal white is truly ivory—a stark white will photograph blue. Gowns now range from blush and champagne to mauve and mocha. Don’t be afraid of a little color! Tones will often look different on the body than they do on the hanger. Want to go completely out of the box? We’ve got black wedding dresses, too! While white may be traditional, any color can be bridal… as long as the bride’s wearing it!

Myth #3 - Brides always cry in 'the dress'

Sometimes, brides are disappointed when they don’t cry in THE dress they love. Of course, dress shopping is an emotional experience! However, not all brides get teary-eyed in their “Heck Yes!” dress. If you’re unsure, ask yourself this: “Did I cry when my fiancé proposed? Do I tear up when thinking about or planning our wedding?” If the answer is no, requiring a dress that makes you dewy-eyed may be setting unrealistic expectations for yourself and your emotions.

Myth #4 - 'The Dress' can't be the first one tried on

That first dress magic is real, girlfriend! More brides than you’d expect end up saying “Heck Yes!” to the very first bridal gown they’ve ever tried on. While it’s important to try on a variety of styles to be totally confident in your choice, it’s common for brides to find “the dress” in the first dozen or so they try on. Do you know what that means? You could find your dream gown in just one stop!

Myth #5 - You have to sleep on it

Buying a wedding dress is an emotional process—not a logistical one. Unlike any other large purchase, choosing a wedding dress relies upon how you feel about the gown in person. While pictures are a great tool, they rarely do a dress justice, and they can’t simulate how you feel in the gown. Sometimes, waiting to make the decision can actually cause brides feelings of confusion and FOMO. Trust your heart when you’re in a dress you love—after all, your heart did lead you to the love of your life!

Dress shopping can be a whirlwind.

By doing your research, asking questions, and setting reasonable expectations for yourselves and others will lead you to wedding dress success. Learning what’s true—and what’s fake—when it comes to the wedding world will not only help you make better decisions, but can also lower the stress that sometimes accompanies dress shopping. Check out another blog post of ours, 5 Tips for a Successful Bridal Appointment, for even more advice from our team!

Looking for a low-stress, high-fun boutique to find the most beautiful dress you’ll ever wear? Browse our collections online and book an appointment here at Ivory Rose—our bridal stylists are here to help you sort out myth from truth during this crazy, special time of life!


Ivory Rose Bridal Boutique is Appleton, Wisconsin’s ONLY exclusively bridal store. We have made it our mission to bring our brides the best & latest wedding dresses, veils and other accessories from our favorite bridal designers. Every bit of what you experience with Ivory Rose has been intentionally curated to make you feel empowered & comfortable while saying Heck Yes! to your dream dress. Our passionate stylists support and uplift and are dedicated to creating your beautiful bridal experience. Book your bridal appointment today and let's find your dream wedding dress together!

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